FAQ Items

What happens after my initial consultation?
Following the initial consultation we aim to provide the best service possible for you and your pet. Your next consultation, or date to call us with a report, will be arranged at the time of your first consultation.

If any problems or concerns arise at any time during treatment, do contact us for further advice and help. If the receptionist on duty cannot answer your query at the time, she will take the details and call you back as soon as possible.

Following a report on progress, or query about treatment, Richard will normally send a reply via the reception desk. Should you need to consult with Richard by phone, this can be arranged - leave your details with reception and Richard will call you back. Return calls are usually booked at a specific time during consulting hours. Please leave a landline number if possible.

Cost of these services:
Advice given via reception within one month of last consultation/No charge
Advice given at other times (via reception) £30.00
Telephone consultation £60.00

Does the NMC accept pet insurance claims, and does my pet insurance cover natural therapies?
At present the majority of pet insurance companies include cover for natural therapies, but level of cover does vary. We are happy to complete insurance claims forms and forward them to insurance companies. The centre does not claim fees directly from insurance companies - all fees must be paid to the centre, and then reclaimed via the insurance policy. Claims forms are completed as quickly as possible, usually within a week of receipt. There is no charge for this service, but fees are charged as follows:

  • Your insurance company requires extra information, or the claim has to be resubmitted for any reason………………………………£10.00
  • You require a copy of the claim for your records, or ask us to keep a copy of the claim     ……………………………………………………£5.00

Is Parking Available? 

Potters Bar - There are several parking spaces directly in front of the centre (free parking for 30 minutes, 50p for an additional 30 minutes). If a space is unavailable there is parking in side roads in the vicinity of the centre, such as Highview Gardens (a right hand turn off Southgate Road when coming up from M25, just before the centre) where some spaces are available, except between 2pm and 3pm as in other side roads.

Bayswater - Parking is meter only in Alexander Street and adjacent side roads. Meters are mainly ‘pay by phone’

Can I Pay by Credit Card? Payment of our charges is required at the time of treatment. We accept payment by cash, major credit and debit cards (and AMEX from March 2017), and cheques (made payable to R. ALLPORT), but please note that we are unable to accept payment by card for sessions with individual therapists other than Richard Allport.
Please note that we charge a fee for appointments not kept - 50% of consultation fee - unless 24 hours notice is given.

Return and refund of unused medicines
Any medicines/supplements that have been supplied by us can only be accepted for refund if:

  • They are unopened
  • They have been supplied within the previous month

A handling charge of £5 will be deducted from the total refunded

Are any of the therapies mentioned in this site available for people?
Yes, and some others too. Please refer to our Therapies for People section. 

How can I make a comment/complaint about the NMC?
The centre is proud of the high standard of service it offers. If you have any comments or complaints about the centre; please write to the Practice Manager at the above address. Any complaints will be fully investigated, and a written reply will be sent as soon as possible. Prices and all other information correct at time of going to print. 

TERMS & CONDITIONS Payment of our charges is required at the time of treatment. Fee for appointments not kept - 50% of consultation fee (unless 24 hours notice given)

Prices and all other information correct at time of printing. Prices include VAT at current rate.